Technology and Innovation

EWMI is committed to support digital rights and governance globally, with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to digital repression. EWMI has initiated interventions that combine multi-stakeholder conferences with tactical assistance to enhance the impact and security of civil society groups. EWMI is also engaged in global networks and research, including supporting a network focused on bringing Global Majority  perspectives on data use and impact to the forefront to enhance open data availability and impact. EWMI is involved in promoting digital equity and inclusion, such as supporting initiatives focused on empowering indigenous communities to manage and govern data related to them. EWMI's efforts in open government and open data include providing technical assistance to governments and partnering with organizations on various projects. Additionally, EWMI supports efforts to monitor network interference and restrictions to freedom of expression online and providing legal support and redress for digital and human rights defenders. Overall, EWMI's work spans pioneering innovative platforms and technology, equity and inclusion, open government and open data, civil society monitoring and advocacy for a free and open internet, and consumer rights, reflecting a comprehensive approach to fostering digital ecosystems that respect rights and promote transparency and accountability.

Technology and Innovation Locations