EWMI Welcomes New Board Member

EWMI is pleased to announce the addition of David Tolbert to its Board of Directors.

Tolbert is a highly regarded international human rights lawyer and former war crimes prosecutor, with a distinguished record of leadership and innovation. He is currently at Georgetown Law School where he...


Leaders in the Making

“It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done”, Says Author Terry Pratchett.

The teenage girls in Lira, Northern Uganda, will probably tell you technology is even more magical once you know how it’s done - as they have not only attained digital literacy but have gone on to develop a...


Making Justice Accessible to All - Highland Villages of Adjara, Georgia

More than 250 Adjarians from highland villages gathered to learn about women's rights, human trafficking, and free legal services during mobile visits led by the Legal Aid Service (LAS).

Supported by the USAID Rule of Law Program, a project implemented by the East-West Management...


Crowdfunding Efforts Engage Communities Around Georgia, Fund 16 Civic Initiatives

Crowdfunding for non-profit initiatives is a method often lauded for its ability to effectively raise funds and engage diverse audiences. Research conducted by U.S.-based crowdfunding platform Fundly found that donation crowdfunding already represents a $5.5 billion market worldwide, with that...


Rapid Response Grants Support Ukrainians, Address Domestic Implications of the Russia-Ukraine war

Since the conflict began in late February, Russia’s war against Ukraine has had a devastating humanitarian impact, security implications, and economic consequences that have reverberated throughout the region and the world.

With its geographical proximity to the war, Euro-Atlantic...