Programs In Romania

East-West Management Institute (EWMI) implemented a court administration reform project in Romania, funded by the World Bank, to modernize Romania's judiciary, improve management, and increase efficiency by developing standards for court performance and introducing improved methods for resource management.
EWMI was awarded a contract by the Romanian Ministry of Justice under a project funded by a loan from the World Bank to enhance the trainers' skills at the National Institute of Magistrates (NIM), Romania’s judicial and prosecutorial training center. The project's overall goal was to develop a unitary and consistent approach to training that the NIM’s many trainers, who help prepare newly appointed judges and magistrates and deliver in-service training as well, could follow.
EWMI was awarded a contract by the Romanian Ministry of Justice under a project funded by the World Bank to modernize the National School for Clerks' (NSC) curriculum in Bucharest. The overall goal of the project was to prepare judicial clerks to assume managerial tasks performed by judges as Romania continued to modernize its justice system to bring it in line with European Union standards.

News In Romania

Every six months, the European Commission reports under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism on Bulgaria and Romania’s progress with judicial reform and the fight against corruption.  In the Commission’s most recent report, released on January 22, 2014, EWMI’s work in Romania under the

The International Conference on Optimization of Court Performance and Resource Allocation gathered nearly 140 participants from across Romania, several European countries, and the United States on 11 March 2013 at the National Institute of Statistics in Bucharest, Romania.

Representatives from two EWMI projects were selected to be presenters at a large anti-corruption conference held in Bucharest, Romania, March 19 – 22, 2012.