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The Strengthening Ecuadorian Justice Project (SEJP) was a three-year initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development to promote the rule of law in Ecuador.

News In Ecuador

As part of its efforts to increase citizen participation in justice reform in Ecuador, EWMI launched a small grants program to support civil society organizations working on environment, trafficking in persons, domestic violence, and GLBT issues within the justice sector.

Capacity building is an important part of EWMI’s efforts to promote a more effective application of criminal justice in Ecuador. During the first two years of EWMI’s Strengthening Ecuadorian Justice Project, EWMI provided training to over 450 judges, public defenders and prosecutors.

Through SEJP’s Small Grants Fund, EWMI is financing a training program for journalists on the advantages of the application of alternative sentencing and special proceedings as well as rights of the individual and due process.

One of the goals of EWMI’s Strengthening Ecuadorian Justice Project (SEJP) is to improve the application of criminal justice by increasing the effective application of special proceedings and alternative sentencing.

EWMI is pleased to announce that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has awarded it a cooperative agreement to implement the three-year Strengthening Ecuadorian Justice Project (SEJP).