Donations have supported raising awareness and distributing preventive materials.


EWMI Reaches Fundraising Goal in the Fight against Ebola


EWMI reached (and exceeded) our goal for our campaign to Support Liberians in the Fight against Ebola!

With the rapid spread of the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia, the country’s most vulnerable population, the prisoners in the Monrovia Central Prison (MCP) and surrounding regional...


The Kosova Women’s Network (Pristina) and The New School for Public Engagement (NY) have collaborated to create the Kosovo Oral History Initiative. [photo: Nicole Farnsworth]


EWMI Supports Kosovo Women's Network


EWMI is working with the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) to support the Kosovo Oral History Initiative, a collective of women of different generations, nationalities and competences, whose mission is to record life stories. Working in partnership with The New School, KWN is collecting the life stories of women, whose part in war and peace times has been most often sidelined, if not forgotten. The...


PFL Staff improves sanitation within prisons.


Keeping Ebola Out of Prisons


EWMI awarded a Partner Legacy Support Program grant to Prison Fellowship Liberia to support its work preventing the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease to the prison population in Liberia. There is currently no cure to the virus and it has a fatality rate of up to 90%, with outbreaks usually occurring in areas with poor infection control and limited access to resources such as running water....


PIC provides high quality research that allows Parliamentarians to make informed decisions and analyze new policies.


Providing Research to Support Cambodia’s Parliament


EWMI provided funding to support the Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia (PIC), an independent organization whose mission is to support capacity development, research and training, and to develop information networks for members of the Cambodian Parliament.  EWMI’s funding and technical assistance came at a critical time in PIC’s development, and was used to help develop systems, policies and...


The MPA Program serves as a focal point for public policy research and an incubator for the next generation of Georgian policy makers and public managers.


First Students Graduate from Ilia State University MPA Program


On July 12, Ilia State University (ISU) held a commencement ceremony in Tbilisi for the first 29 graduates of its new Masters of Public Administration (MPA) Program. The graduation was the culmination of a four-year joint initiative by EWMI, ISU, and Columbia University to establish a high-quality graduate program to train Georgia’s next generation of public leaders.

In his opening...