Participants analyzed case studies

Trainers reviewed the importance of analyzing relevant facts in case preparation

SEDEFA received a grant to promote the protection of Natural and Environmental Rights at a national level.

With the grant from EWMI, Alas de Colibri is working to improve the responsiveness of the justice system to crimes involving Trafficking-in-Persons.

EWMI’s Home Office Rule of Law team Chuck Costello and Mark Dietrich (front row) meeting with USAID representative Lucrecia Tola, EWMI SEJP Director Patricia Esquetini, President of the Judicial Council Dr. Benjamin Cevallos, and legal translator Maria Lo

In June 2012, SEJP published a practical guide regarding quick and effective solutions to criminal conflict

The Strengthening Ecuadorian Justice Project (SEJP)


The Strengthening Ecuadorian Justice Project (SEJP) was a three-year initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development to promote the rule of law in Ecuador. EWMI implemented the program in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, the Transitional Judicial Council and the judiciary, the Attorney General’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, and various Ecuadorian NGOs and law schools. EWMI focused its efforts on improving the effectiveness of the criminal justice system through the introduction of streamlined practices and procedures to overcome chronic delays, expanding access to justice for vulnerable groups by strengthening the Public Defender’s Office, and increasing citizen participation in justice reforms. Through the implementation of the above activities, SEJP contributed to developing a more just, effective and accessible justice system that will better serve all citizens of Ecuador.