Cambodia Program on Rights and Justice

2003 – 2008

EWMI’s USAID-funded Program on Rights and Justice (PRAJ) in Cambodia combined work with Cambodian NGOs and legal institutions to improve access and quality of justice and judicial system transparency in Cambodia. Through financial and technical support to local NGOs, EWMI supported legal aid and advocacy efforts for those people most marginalized and underrepresented. From a legal standpoint, EWMI worked with local organizations to litigate high impact cases that represent larger issues relevant outside the scope of the actual case. EWMI also promoted clinical legal training through the Cambodian Bar Association’s Legal Training Center. EWMI worked directly with judicial institutions on training and capacity-building of new and sitting judges, improving legal education, improving court efficiency and transparency, providing relevant information and materials to judges, lawyers and the public, improving access to justice in rural areas, and supporting legal protections and services to child and female victims of human trafficking and sexual crimes. PRAJ was implemented between September 2003 and December 2008.