Awareness Campaign for Farmers and Households on Land Rights and Other Issues Related to Land Tenure in Siem Reap, Battambang and Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia


EWMI designed and implemented a public awareness campaign to increase awareness on land rights and other issues related to land tenure in Cambodia through a contract with the European Commission, as part of its Economic and Social Relaunch of Northwest Provinces (ECOSORN) project. Building on the design and project approach of EWMI’s other land rights and education initiatives in Cambodia, EWMI, conducted a baseline survey in the target areas to get information about gaps in land law knowledge as well as media preferences among target beneficiaries. In cooperation with its local partner Action IEC, EWMI developed a variety of integrated, multi-media interventions to present the land information to beneficiaries. These methodologies were designed specifically for the target beneficiaries who, for the most part, have very limited education and reading skills. The centerpiece of the campaign was a series of innovative all day road show festivals that presented land related information through live drama and comedy performances, songs, videos and quiz contests. The other major component of the awareness campaign was a series of two types of radio programs broadcast in the target areas. EWMI estimates that the campaign reached as many as 55,000 households (168,000 Cambodians) in the target communities.