July 2013
EWMI Launches Grants Program in Ecuador

As part of its efforts to increase citizen participation in justice reform in Ecuador, EWMI launched a small grants program to support civil society organizations working on environment, trafficking in persons, domestic violence, and GLBT issues within the justice sector. After reviewing several proposals, on July 1st, EWMI awarded over $260,000 to seven organizations to fund innovative initiatives in these areas. The grantees are based in Guayaquil and Quito and have demonstrated an excellent track record of implementing successful programs with donor organizations.

Committed to building sustainable capacity, both human and institutional, EWMI has also initiated a plan to provide tailored technical assistance to strengthen the institutional capacity of each grantee. Following an organizational capacity assessment, implemented in cooperation with the grantees, EWMI will identify specific areas where each organization needs strengthening, and will target these areas through training and mentoring.

The award recipients are: la Sociedad Ecuatoriana de Derecho Forestal y Ambiental (SEDEFA), el Centro Ecuatoriano de Derecho Ambiental (CEDA), la Fundación de Estudios y Apoyo para la Mujer y la Familia Ecuatoriana María Guare, la Asociación Silueta X, la Fundación Alas de Colibri, la Corporación de Gestión y Derecho Ambiental (ECOLEX), and la Corporación Kimirina.

Grant agreements were signed at a signing ceremony held at EWMI’s Strengthening Ecuadorian Justice Project office in Quito, Ecuador on July 3, 2013.