April 2020
State-funded Legal Aid Service Is First Recipient of PROLoG COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant

In light of recent developments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, EWMI’s USAID-funded PROLoG made funds available for COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants and invited its current and past CSO and LEPL partners --members of the Coalition for an Independent Judiciary, GBA, LAS and universities--to submit proposals. These grants are designed to rapidly deploy resources to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 in Georgia, and ensure the rule of law and access to quality legal education and services.

 EWMI PROLoG issued the first COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant to the State-funded Legal Aid Service (LAS). LAS Georgia will purchase and install a Next Generation Firewall, which will allow LAS employees to work remotely and connect to the network through an encrypted VPN connection.

The Grant will facilitate secure access to the case bank for LAS lawyers working remotely. The electronic case management system is the most important tool for the LAS, and the ability to access and enter data will ensure proper case assignment, maintain data about the cases handled by LAS lawyers, and produce statistics. This system will be also support better enforcement of the lawyer appraisal system.