March 2010
USAID Recognizes the Contributions of EWMI’s Justice Sector Development Program

In March 2010, EWMI received its Contractor Performance Review for the Bosnia Justice Sector Development Project (JSDP), which ended in May 2009. The evaluation rated EWMI’s performance as “outstanding,” giving EWMI a score of 5, the highest possible, in all categories. The report states that:

“EWMI completed all contract requirements in outstanding manner and exceeded sufficiently all the tasks stipulated by the contract.” It goes on saying that “The most notable success of JSDP was in the court administration component of the project. Although tasked with improvement of the court administration in 16 courts throughout BiH, EWMI managed to cover 33 out of 65 courts in BiH, exceeding in this way more than double their contract requirements. Further, before the completion of the contract EWMI secured the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council’s commitment to roll out the court improvement plan into the remaining 32 in BiH.”

The five-year project in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was a partnership initiative with the BiH High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC), the BiH Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and courts throughout the country. The project worked to strengthen the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina through (1) judicial sector policy reforms, (2) strengthening the HJPC, (3) improving court administration, and (4) strengthening the state MOJ. EWMI is currently building upon the success of JSDP through the implementation of the USAID-funded Justice Sector Development Project–II.