November 2012
EWMI Initiates Law Library Assistance Program

On November 13, EWMI’s USAID-funded Judicial Independence and Legal Empowerment Project (JILEP) launched an information services development program for Georgian law libraries. The purpose of the program is to improve law libraries at several Georgian law schools. The program began with a workshop at JILEP’s office in which American and German library experts shared their experiences building modern law libraries to support legal research and law practice in a globalized legal environment. Fourteen representatives of various Georgian law school libraries attended the workshop. On November 14-16, the same foreign experts visited several law libraries in Tbilisi to assess their current capabilities, meet library staff, and gain a first-hand understanding of the challenges facing Georgian law libraries. JILEP also developed and provided the schools a “library needs survey.” The results of this survey and the recommendations of the experts will help JILEP develop the next steps to be taken in its law library assistance program.