December 2012
Inauguration of Newly Established Customer Center In the Old Royal Capital of Centinje

On December 18, 2012, the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje opened a new Customer Center One Stop Shop (CCOSS) in its historic municipal building. Opened in the presence of the US Ambassador and central and local government officials, the CCOSS was the culmination of a year’s work on multiple agendas by EWMI through the Good Governance Activity in Montenegro. EWMI helped streamline subnational administrative procedures, and sponsored the creation of user-friendly e-government software to turn them into electronic procedures. Working closely with Cetinje’s IT Department, EWMI established a new customer center as the single interface between clients and the municipal government. The subnational e-government / CCOSS program will be expanded to Ulcinj Municipality before the end of the GG Activity, and the CCOSS has already been linked to the national level licensing e-registry also engineered by EWMI. Overall support for the activities in the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje, was financed through the United States Agency of International Development (USAID).