January 2014
EWMI’S Work in Romania Cited as an Example for Future Reforms

Every six months, the European Commission reports under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism on Bulgaria and Romania’s progress with judicial reform and the fight against corruption.  In the Commission’s most recent report, released on January 22, 2014, EWMI’s work in Romania under the Court Optimization Project from 2011-2013 was highlighted as a successful model to test and replicate in other parts of the country.  The Commission invites Romania to continue addressing workload issues including case management, as cited in a EWMI study, and to pass the necessary legislative measures needed to restructure the court system.  The Commission points to EWMI’s process for implementing new case management systems by piloting the project in a few courts before applying the program nationwide as an example to follow for the implementation of continued judicial system reforms.

Court Optimization in Romania