The human rights of many of the planet’s poorest people are indivisible from the natural resources upon which their lives depend. A forest not-destroyed supports the livelihoods of thousands of families, protects the water and food resources of whole countries, and helps preserve the global environment. Building upon the civil society work and grassroots initiatives it has supported in the past, EWMI’s environment program is designed to work with local citizens to find sustainable and community-based solutions to urban and natural environmental conservation issues. The program brings together our civil society, access to justice and private sector work in exciting and effective ways. We are strengthening communities and giving them the tools and support to interact with government and private companies to preserve their assets and create a sustainable outcome for all. EWMI takes a participatory approach to local environmental conservation and provides capacity building programs, technical assistance, and funding to support network-building and grassroots advocacy initiatives at the local, national, and regional levels. Since sustainable solutions must also ensure the business-government and business-community sides of the triangle, our economic development and corporate sustainability expertise is increasingly important.