L to R: US Ambassador Warlick, HCC President Mesarovic, and Mission Director Harvey

Belgrade, Serbia

Training on the new software of budget and financial staff from 120 of Serbia’s 129 courts

Zaječar Commercial Court staff during their electronic filing training session with the Separation of Powers Program in April 2014.

Strategic Planning for Courts Workshop for SPP partner courts, Belgrade November 14-15, 2012

Serbia Separation of Powers Program


EWMI is implementing a five-year USAID-funded Separation of Powers Program (SPP) in Serbia. SPP’s overall goal is to help Serbia move closer to EU accession by strengthening the division of power and authority more equably among Serbia’s three branches of government, helping the judiciary strengthen its defenses against executive and political influence and control, and helping the National Assembly build its capacity to respond to the needs of Serbia’s citizens and conduct oversight of government operations.